Live procedures

Dr. Anders Albaek Helsinki – Finland Spliced Vein Bypass
Dr. Pekka Aho Helsinki – Finland CERAB
Dr. Kim Houlind Aarhus – Denmark  In situ Vein Bypass
Prof. Sebastian Debus Hamburg – Germany Endoscopic vein harvesting, distal femoral approach, dorsolateral peroneal approach
Dr. Lilkka Kantonen Helsinki – Finland  Inframalleolar Bypass with microvascular Flap
Dr.Rob Hinchliffe Bristol – UK Pedal Bypass
Prof. Maarit Venermo Helsinki – Finland Hybrid Outflow PTA
Dr. Sebastian Carpenter Hamburg – Germany Hamburg – GermanyIliacal intervention, preserving IIA


Philippe Kolh Lessons learned from the guidelines: global CLTI
Maarit Venermo Helsinki – Finland Assessment of perfusion in the vascular lab: how much do we need?
Anders Albaeck Helsinki – Finland Completion control
Martin Bjoerck  Uppsala – Sweden Lessons learned from the guidelines: ESVS ALI
Sebastian Debus Hamburg – Germany Breaking news on anithrombotic therapies: the VOYAGER trial and update with DEB
Kim Houlind Aarhus – Denmark Update on Current Trials: SwedePAD, BestCLI, BASIL II

Where is the equipoise?