Are you planning on taking the FEBVS Examination?

Grab the last seats for the the unique FEBVS Revision Courses at the ESVS 31st Annual Meeting in Lyon! 

This two-day revision course is aimed at vascular surgical trainees who intend to take the FEBVS Assessment within the next year. The course covers all aspects of the FEBVS Assessment in an interactive format and the small group size ensures one-to-one involvement of every participant. There is a high faculty to participant ratio and the faculty are all experienced senior vascular surgeons.

The course is divided into two modules, each of 1-day duration. Trainees can attend either or both of the days, depending on which skills they feel the need to practice.

Day 1 – FEBVS Technical Skills Revision Course
This first module will cover the technical skills required for the FEBVS Assessment. The day begins with an overview of the open and endovascular skills simulations used in the Assessment. Participants then have the opportunity to practise on these simulations, including open AAA repair, distal (tibial) anastomosis and carotid endarterectomy. They will then be assessed on each simulation, and feedback given on their performance.

Day 2 – FEBVS Academic & Clinical Skills Revision Course
This second module covers the academic and clinical skills required for the FEBVS Assessment. The day begins with an overview of the clinical and academic skills stations used in the Assessment, followed by tips on how to pass the academic station. Participants then rotate in small groups around the academic and four clinical stations. The clinical stations cover leg artery disease and trauma, aortic and mesenteric disease, carotid and upper limb disease, and venous/lymphatic disease. At each clinical station, every participant will be assessed on a typical scenario used in the FEBVS Assessment and feedback given on their performance. At the academic station each participant is required to present a critique of a paper that they have been given to review.

The revision course has a very high success rate. Over 90% of those attending the course subsequently pass the FEBVS Assessment. Do not miss these unique training opportunities, register here now!