The European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery is aimed primarily at vascular surgeons dealing with patients with arterial, venous, and lymphatic diseases. Contributions are included on the diagnosis, investigation, and management of these vascular disorders. Papers that consider the technical aspects of vascular surgery are encouraged, and the journal includes invited state-of-the-art articles.

Reflecting the increasing importance of endovascular techniques in the management of vascular diseases and the value of closer collaboration between the vascular surgeon and the vascular radiologist, the journal has now extended its scope to encompass the growing number of contributions from this exciting field. Articles describing endovascular method and their critical evaluation are included, as well as reports on the emerging technology associated with this field.

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Current issue – Top 10 articles

  • Commentary on “A Wearable Compression Device Normalises Calf Muscle Pump Function in Chronic Venous Insufficiency by Applying Appropriate Pressures for Each Postural Position”
    Source: EJVESPublished on 2019-02-16
  • A Step Closer to Finding Mr. Right
    Source: EJVESPublished on 2019-02-15
  • Paclitaxel Eluting Endovascular Technology and Long-Term Mortality: Safety Concern or a Reminder of an Obvious Literature Gap?
    Source: EJVESPublished on 2019-02-14
  • Response to “Re. Illusory Angiographic Signs of Significant Iliac Vein Compression in Healthy Volunteers”
    Source: EJVESPublished on 2019-02-08
  • Hospital Incidence, Treatment, and In Hospital Mortality Following Open and Endovascular Surgery for Thoraco-abdominal Aortic Aneurysms in Germany from 2005 to 2014: Secondary Data Analysis of the Nationwide German DRG Microdata
    Source: EJVESPublished on 2019-02-07
  • Importance of Surgeon Experience in the Relationship Between Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Surgery Volume and Peri-operative Mortality
    Source: EJVESPublished on 2019-02-06
  • Commentary on “Elective Fenestrated and Branched Endovascular Thoraco-abdominal Aortic Repair With Supracoeliac Sealing Zones and Without Prophylactic Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage: Early and Medium-term Outcomes”
    Source: EJVESPublished on 2019-02-06
  • Multicentre Post-EVAR Surveillance Evaluation Study (EVAR-SCREEN)
    Source: EJVESPublished on 2019-02-06
  • Metabolomics as an Innovative Tool for a Personalised Approach to Vascular Disease
    Source: EJVESPublished on 2019-02-01