Annual Meeting Educational Grants


The new MedTech Europe Ethical charter came into force from January 1, 2018 and in effect, direct sponsorship of HealthCare Professionals (HCPs) by MedTech member companies are prohibited.

As a result, for ESVS Annual Meeting in Valencia 2018,  these companies will now channel their support through trusted partners such as HealthCare Organisations (HCOs: i.e. hospitals, clinics, medical institutions), the ESVS Society or the PCO, Overcome, which will be responsible for awarding any industry sponsored grants.

If you would like to apply for funding to attend ESVS Annual Meeting in Valencia 2018, by end of July this will be possible. We will have 3 industry online applications ready on this page. So please STAY TUNED!

Alternatively, we highly encourage you to approach your HCO (i.e. hospital, clinic, medical institution) who could possibly assist in funding your participation at ESVS Annual Meeting in Valencia 2018.


Overcome, the official organising secretariat of ESVS Annual Meeting in Valencia 2018 is a MedTech Europe Trusted Partner and is committed to comply with MedTech Europe’s ethical standards.

ESVS Annual Meeting in Valencia 2018 has been approved as a Conference Vetting System (CVS) compliant congress by MedTech Europe. Click HERE for more information.

Letter from the ESVS Executive Committee

Dear Applicant,

The new Eucomed regulations applying on entire medical industry in Europe are having an impact also on the grants available for the ESVS Annual Meeting in Valencia.

Until 31st December 2017, attendees at ESVS Annual Meetings were often supported by industrial grants. However, because of the new “Code of Ethical Business Practice”, issued by MedTech Europe, individual funding is no longer possible as of 1st January 2018.

Fortunately, there is a new option to apply for educational department grants. This system has already been working well for some years with some of our major sponsors in ESVS.

  • You/your department can apply for the meeting registration fee, and for travel and hotel accommodation expenses.
  • Most importantly, the grant must go through your hospital (not directly to you).
  • Your application letter needs to be signed by the Head of Department and, in some countries, a hospital director may need to sign too.

If your Department applies for an Educational Grant from the industry to attend the ESVS Annual Meeting, please include relevant information (i.e. like in the attachment to this letter) in your letter of application, in case a dedicated website or webpage is not available through that specific company.

We strongly suggest you apply early to maximize your chance of success with your Department/Hospital application.

At this time, GoreMedtronicBoston Scientific and Maquet have websites open for applications (more companies may follow); however some of them offer these grants only in certain countries.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to an informative and exciting ESVS in Valencia. Thank you and please do not hesitate to approach us if you have questions.

See you in Valencia!

With kind regards,

The Executive Committee

Notice to Industry

If your company seeks to provide grant funding to ESVS , you should reach out to us by sending an email to . When doing so, please specify any known grant details such as grant type, amount and recipient eligibility criteria so that we may best handle the grant application process.

Notice for participants/ HCP's

  • Grant application via your hospital

We expect some companies will provide grants locally to hospitals. This system has already been working well for some years with some major sponsors in ESVS.

With this change in MedTech regulations, we encourage you to encourage your Head of Department or appropriate hospital administrator to make a grant request to MedTech industry from your hospital.

To facilitate this, we have prepared a letter to support your application (MedTech EU representative countries letter version. You should apply soon to maximise your chances of success with your Department/Hospital grant application.

> Letter for MedTech EU representative countries

If you have any question, you can ask our advice by emailing us at .

  • Grant application via ESVS

More information on our grants will be available soon

ESVS Annual Meeting Travel Grants for ESVS Members from outside Europe

ESVS offers Annual Meeting Travel Grants to allow ESVS members from outside Europe to attend the ESVS Annual Meeting in Valencia, 25-28 September 2018.

This year ESVS has provided funds for 9 Annual Meeting Travel Grants of €1000 each.

Applicants whose abstracts are accepted for presentation at the 2018 ESVS Annual Meeting will be considered first.

Applications are now closed for AM Valencia.