HyperMed Imaging, Inc. was the first to commercialize hyperspectral imaging for tissue oximetry and remains the leader with more than a decade of clinical efficacy. HyperMed’s new product called HyperView is a smaller, faster, easier to use device for applications including wound care, amputation, vascular surgery, and reconstructive surgery.

PIUR IMAGING is a medical device manufacturer that develops tomographic ultrasound solutions for the diagnostic of vascular diseases. Our mission is to make vascular imaging more affordable and safer for the patient through the innovative tomographic ultrasound solution PIUR tUS. PIUR tUS extends regular ultrasound devices with a tomography function so physicians can produce three-dimensional diagnostic information without
the side effects current 3D imaging technologies may introduce.

Veryan has developed BioMimics 3D, a self-expanding, nitinol SFA/prox popliteal stent which imparts a natural, 3D curvature to the artery, to generate swirling flow, increase wall shear & reduce intimal hyperplasia. In the Mimics randomised study BioMimics 3D, the swirling flow stent achieved significantly better performance than straight control stents.

Highest quality surgical products designed & manufactured by the Scanlan family since 1921.  Over 3000 precision instruments including our NEW SCANLAN® LEGACY titanium needle holders & forceps with a revolutionary Scan-II handle, Loftus Carotid Endarterectomy Set, Vascular & A/V Access Tunneling System, Vascu-Statt® single-use bulldog clamps, & Memory dilators.