About ESVS

Our mission: “to improve vascular health for the public benefit”


We strive to become a leader in promoting optimal care for patients with vascular disease by:

  • Supporting high quality research
  • Providing educational opportunities
  • Organizing meetings, seminars, lectures and conferences
  • Commissioning and publishing guidelines
  • Sponsoring the European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
  • Promoting dialogue with National Societies and others involved in the treatment of vascular disease
  • Advising Regulatory Authorities on matters relating to vascular disease


The European Society for Vascular Surgery was founded and inaugurated on May 6, 1987 in London. This inaugural meeting was attended by Presidents or Representatives of almost all the National Vascular Societies in Europe, who supported the formation and aims of the ESVS. The Officers and Members of the Council were proposed and elected, ensuring a satisfactory representation from various European countries. It was further agreed that the Society would generally meet in September each year. The Society has grown enormously since and has now over 2800 members, mostly European, but many from other parts of the world.

ESVS Secretary General

The ESVS Secretary General is elected into a five year term preceded by one year shadowing the current Secretary General. They sit on a number of committees, including the Executive Committee.

The following members have served as Secretary General of the society
2015 – presentProf. Sebastian Debus, Germany
2009 – 2015Mr. Simon Parvin, United Kingdom
2004 – 2009Prof. Henrik Sillesen, Denmark
1999 – 2004Prof. Michael Horrocks, United Kingdom
1994 – 1999Prof. Giorgio Biasi, Italy
Prof. Hero van Urk, The Netherlands

ESVS President

The President of the Society is elected for one year at the Annual General Meeting. The President, President Elect and the Deputy President Elect are part of the Executive Committee.

The following members have served as Presidents of the society
2020Stéphan Haulon, France
2019Henrik Sillesen, Denmark
2018Alison Halliday, United Kingdom
2017Martin Björck, Sweden
2016Jürg Schmidli, Switzerland
2015Arkadiusz Jawien, Poland
2014Jean-Baptiste Ricco, France
2013George Hamilton, United Kingdom
2012Carlo Setacci, Italy
2011Vincent Riambau, Spain
2010Gustav Fraedrich, Austria
2009Frans Moll, the Netherlands
2008John Wolfe, United Kingdom
2007Jan Brunkwall, Germany
2006Jesper Swedenborg, Sweden (1940-2016)
2005Christos Liapis, Greece
2004Mauri Lepäntalo, Finland
2003Tomislav Sosa (1948-2006), Croatia
2002André Nevelsteen, (1951-2009), Belgium
2001William Paaske (1948-2016), Denmark
2000Anatoly Pokrovsky
1999Alain Branchereau, France
1998Bert Eikelboom, The Netherlands
1997Lars Norgren, Sweden
1996José Fernandes e Fernandes, Portugal
1995Peter Bell, United Kingdom
1994Takis Balas, Greece
1993Georg Kretschmer (1941-2013), Austria
1992Paolo Fiorani, Italy
1991Emilio Viver Manresa (1935-2012), Spain
1990Mieszyslaw Szostek, Poland
1989Henner Müller Wiefel, Germany
1988Hans O Myhre, Norway

Honorary Members

Current honorary members
Mr Roger BairdUnited Kingdom
Prof Sir Peter BellUnited Kingdom
Prof. David BergqvistSweden
Prof. Giorgio BiasiItaly
Mr Simon DarkeUnited Kingdom
Prof. Bert EikelboomThe Netherlands
Prof. Roger GreenhalghUnited Kingdom
Prof. Michael HorrocksUnited Kingdom
Prof. Hans Olav MyhreNorway
Prof. Bernard NachburSwitzerland
Prof. Ross NaylorUnited Kingdom
Mr. Simon ParvinUnited Kingdom
Prof. C. Vaughan RuckleyUnited Kingdom
Prof. Henrik SillesenDenmark
Former honorary members
Prof. H.H.G. Eastcott (1917-2009)United Kingdom
Dr Jesse Thompson (1925-2008)
Prof. Rudolph Vanmaele (1945-2010)Belgium
Prof. Hero van Urk (1941-2018)The Netherlands
Prof. Nicolaj Leontyevich Volodos (1934-2016)Ukraine