The Society’s governing body is the Council. Councillors are elected representatives from each European country that has more than 10 members. Non-European countries with more than 20 representatives can elect a Councillor in a observer capacity.  Council meets twice a year: at the ESVS annual meeting and in connection with the Charing Cross meeting in London.

The role and responsibilities of ESVS Councillors include:

  • Being an ambassador and source of information about vascular surgery in their country, maintaining the link between their National Society and the ESVS.
  • Active promotion of the society and working towards increasing ESVS membership in their country.
  • Active participation in meetings and ESVS exercises through reporting.
  • Organisation and chairing of ESVS joint sessions at their National Society meetings.

Here is the list of current ESVS Councillors:

AustriaDr. Jürgen Falkensammer
BelgiumProf. Frank Vermassen
CroatiaDr. Ivan Cvjetko
Czech RepublicDr. Robert Vlachovsky
DenmarkDr. Nikolaj Eldrup
FinlandDr. Karoliina Halmesmäki
FranceDr. Simon Rinckenbach
GermanyProf. Dr. Hubert Schelzig
GreeceProf. Miltos Matsagkas
HungaryProf. Peter Sotonyi
IndiaDr. Kumud Rai
IrelandMr. Brian Manning
ItalyDr. Raffaele Pulli
LebanonDr. Fady Haddad
LuxembourgDr. Dirk Grotemeyer
NetherlandsDr. Marald Wikkeling
NorwayDr. Beate Rikken Lindberg
PolandDr. Stanislaw Przywara
PortugalDr. José Daniel Brandão Fernandes
RomaniaProf Dr Mihai Ionac
RussiaDr. Alexei Svetlikov
SerbiaProf. Aleksandar Tomić
SlovakiaDr. Julius Janek
SpainDr. Jose Antonio Del Castro Madrazo
SwedenDr Rebecka Hultgren
SwitzerlandPD Dr Thomas Wolff
TurkeyDr Cuneyd Ozturk
UkraineProf. Ivan Gudz
United KingdomDr. Michael Wyatt

Members of the Council, ExCo and the ESVS office, London, April 2019