Academy Committee vacancies

The ESVS Academy represents the educational branch of the Society, and is responsible for creating and running the programme of education and training activities of the ESVS.

The 2022 Academy offer will be the largest yet, the ESVS Academy Pathways Project involves online sessions throughout the year plus onsite workshops during the ESVS Annual Meeting in Rome.

We are looking for a motivated and ambitious members of the European Society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS) to join the Academy Committee as Academy PAD Pathway Lead and Academy Vascular Medicine Workshops Lead from January 2022.

Applications are also open for the role of Junior Moderator.

What is expected from you?

Academy PAD Pathway Lead

You will be the head of the PAD Pathway, which groups together the Academy activities in this field.  You will be responsible for creating a programme, its content and selecting the faculty.  We are looking for someone with experience in the field of PAD and the drive and enthusiasm to produce a dynamic and engaging programme. You would begin in January 2022 shadowing the current PAD Lead and would then take over after the Annual Meeting in September 2022 for three years.

Academy Vascular Medicine Workshops Lead

You will manage the Academy activities relating to the topic of Vascular Medicine.  This will involve creating course content and selecting the faculty.   We are looking for someone with innovative and exciting ideas on how to deliver high-quality educational content to the ESVS community.  The successful candidate would begin in January 2022 and become operational soon after as the current Vascular Medicine Workshops Lead is moving into another position within the Society.  Your mandate would run until the end of the 2025 Annual Meeting.

What can you expect?

Let the current Committee members tell you themselves!



Who can apply?

Any European member of the Society can apply. Non-European members can be elected but would need the approval of the Executive Committee.

To be elected member of the Academy Committee a candidate should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Respect the ESVS vision & mission
  • Commit to performing the tasks required by the committee
  • Respect ESVS procedures and project deadlines
  • Work on a voluntary basis
  • Availability to travel within Europe for committee meetings (2 face to face committee meetings, outside the AM)
  • Availability to travel to the ESVS Annual Meeting annually

How to apply?

Please send your CV and your motivation letter by email to the ESVS office (info@esvs.org) by December 15th.  Applications will be reviewed by the Academy Chair and a vote cast within the Committee in January.  Successful candidates for both positions will begin in January (as explained above).

Selection criteria?

The following selection criteria will be considered:

  • Experience in education and training
  • Previous involvement in ESVS Academy activities or any comparable educational activities
  • Experience in organization of non-commercial workshops and/or courses
  • Active participation at workshops and/or courses of the Academy as lead convenor/co-convenor
  • Expertise or knowledge of the track that is being covered
  • Geographical spread within Europe

Any questions?

Please address them to Natalie Helene, through info@esvs.org.