The Academy is currently seeking candidates for the role of Academy Junior Moderators for the NEW 2021 Academy Pathways Project.

Applicant profile:

  • Minimum 3 year of experience as vascular trainee
  • Previous Academy or other workshop experience
  • Holds an active ESVS membership


  • Before the online workshop: prepare on the topic you are suppose to moderate.
  • During the online workshop: interact with convenors and participants with questions expressing the trainee point of view.  (For example, if aortic sizing workshop, think what are the most common difficulties you encounter when your consultant ask you to size a stent and express your doubts/concerns.)

Application process and timeline : 

  • Applicant send a cover letter and CV to
  • Indicate preferred subject topics and relevant experience in these fields (no guarantee these would always be met in the event the candidate is selected)
  • Deadline to apply March 3rd 
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Academy and responses given shortly after.
  • A pool of candidates to be selected by the Training Team Coordinator and these profiles shared with the Pathway Leads in order to assign the most relevant individual to each session

*This role is an evolution of the Academy Technical Assistant role, which has been revisited to better suit the growing number of online sessions being organised.