The European Society for Vascular Surgery is looking for a motivated member to become the next Senior Editor (SE) of the European Journal for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (EJVES) from October 2022, for a 3 years term. The expected continuation is that that following evaluation after 12 – 18 months the Senior Editor then becomes the EJVES Editor in Chief (EiC) for another 3 years term, which will finish end of 2028. The Senior Editor will also serve in the ESVS Executive committee for four years, beginning in the third year of the SE assignment per 2025, continuing through the three years as Editor-in-Chief.

Who can apply?

  • ESVS members who are knowledgeable in scientific publishing and have enough experience in being an editor to lead the leading scientific journal in vascular surgery. Preferably, you are, or have been, an Editor and/or an Editorial Board Member of the EJVES, or of another scientific Journal with a comparable level.
  • In addition, you should be an experienced researcher, to be able to evaluate the work of your peers. Preferably, you should have research experience in more than one of the major fields of vascular surgery.

What is expected from you?

  • You will work together with the EiC and the Section/Associate Editors to manage the submitted manuscripts. There were >1,600 new submissions during 2020, and you will be involved to some extent in about 25 – 30 % of those.
  • Furthermore, it is expected that your innovative ideas further develop the EJVES according to the ESVS mission, in order to further improve vascular science and practice, and to maintain its position as the premier journal in our field.
  • As a consequence, this assignment is very time-consuming. There is a yearly honorarium for remuneration, but that will not directly cover for missed-out clinical work. Therefore, you must have both the commitment and a working environment that permits you to focus on your editorial work for 6 years.

How to apply?

  • Please send your CV and a letter of motivation outlining your strategy to develop the EJVES further (maximum 3 pages). Also, the letter should state clearly and convincingly how you plan to clear sufficient time for this demanding assignment.
  • In addition, please provide supporting documents outlining your experience in scientific editing, as well as a letter of support from your employer (if applicable).
  • Your application should be sent to


  • Deadline to submit your application is the 14.11.2021
  • Shortlisted applicants will be able to present themselves to the EJVES Editorial Board and the Editors of the EJVES at a Zoom meeting that will take place in in late afternoon on December 7th 2021. According to ESVS bye-laws, the editorial board will govern the selection process of the most promising candidate, and will then propose him or her to the ESVS ExCo for ratification.
  • Once ratified, the result will be communicated to all candidates before the end of the year. The actual work as SE begins with a run in phase, starting in October 2022, to shadow the current SE.  This will give the elected person enough time to prepare for taking on full SE responsibilities from January 2023, and to re-organize his or her working environment, if necessary.

Any questions?

Please address them to Martin Björck (SE, incoming EiC) and/or Florian Dick (current EiC), through