ESVS Congress 2017

Promotion Resources

In this section you will find all resources available for download for the ESVS 31st Annual Meeting (including banners, graphics and guidelines). Download them by clicking on the image, if you require a different format or resolution, please contact

Speaker Resources

Speakers are encouraged to use the ESVS Annual Meeting PowerPoint template for their presentation.

Social Media

Use social media to build excitement and encourage attendance to the event. Simply adapt the suggestions below or create your own.

Join the conversation with #ESVS2017

The event will be using the hashtag #ESVS2017 on all social media outlets to allow attendees, doctors, nurses or trainees to follow, join and stay engaged in the conversation.

By clicking on the hashtag from one of the tweets, posts or pictures, it will bring you to all of the posts using #ESVS2017 on the specific social media network you are using – showing the volume of discussion, updates and all of the great conversations and events happening around you.


Twitter is the quickest way to share and receive informative updates happening around you in real-time at ESVS 31st Annual Meeting. Even though tweets are only 140 characters, there is still a wide breadth of information flowing in and out of the channel .

Examples of tweets for speakers

  • I am excited to be speaking at #ESVS2017 in September! @ESVSmembership
  • Interested in [insert topic]? Attend my #ESVS2017 talk in September in Lyon @ESVSmembership
  • I am planning my #ESVS2017 session – what do you want to know about [insert topic]? @ESVSmembership


LinkedIn is the ultimate professional networking platform and will allow attendees to keep in digital contact with the connections they make throughout the event.

Groups allow like-minded or similarly-interested people to gather and have discussions surrounding a variety of topics, making them a perfect fit for ESVS congresses.

Join our ESVS company page on LinkedIn to join the discussion!

Post a note on your profile

a. Type up to 600 characters in the Activity box near your photo
b. Select option to share via 1) Public and Twitter; 2) Public; 3) Connections
c. Be sure to include a link to

Example for speakers:
I will be presenting [insert title/topic] at #ESVS2017 next September. Attend the event/session if you are interested in [insert a compelling message from your presentation]. You can learn more at

Start a discussion in your groups

Example for speakers:
I have been selected to speak at #ESVS2017, 19-22 September.  My topic is [insert title, or shorter description ]. I hope to see you there!

Logo and Banners

Post on your website and event calendar or use as your email signature. Please link to