ESVS Educational Webinars !

As part of our mission to continue providing innovative and stimulating educational opportunities, we are proud to announce the new ESVS Educational Webinars.

These exciting events will see international experts gather for an interactive discussion on hot topics in the world of vascular medicine.  You, the viewer, will have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation in real time; engaging with the presenters, reacting to comments, and asking your own questions.

Latest webinar 23/02/2021

Venous Thrombosis Guidelines

Improve your outcome in revascularisation – Beyond blades and balloons

Improve your outcome in revascularisation – New path in antithrombotic therapy

From science to practice: impact of the VOYAGER PAD trial on interventions for PAD

Clinical use of REBOA in hemodynamically unstale patient

PAD patient case discussions: practical considerations to optimise treatment of chronic PAD patients

Carotid disease: remaining controversies after recent guidelines

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