ESVS Mastercl@ss Live !


The ESVS Masterclass LIVE provides a webcast and face to face educative format on state of the art of current invasive vascular therapies.

Each Masterclass focuses on a certain vascular territory, and each year a different subject is covered, including the arterial and the venous side.

The sessions within an ESVS Masterclass LIVE focus on specific subtopics within the main topic of the Masterclass.


1st Mastercl@ss – Supraaortic vessels (2019)

2nd Mastercl@ss – Invasive treatment of lower extremity Peripheral Occlusive Disease (2020)

3rd Mastercl@ss – Aortic disorders (2021)

4th Mastercl@ss – Treatment of venous disease (2022)


The post-processed Mastercl@ss sessions videos are available on the ESVS e-library!