EVST Guidelines Writing Committee representative – call for applications

ESVS is starting new guidelines on PAD and AAA and we are looking for EVST representatives to join the Guidelines Writing Committees.
The successful candidate(s) will be involved for the duration of the guidelines writing process (estimated to 3 years), starting in June 2021.
Candidates can apply to more than one Guidelines Committee.

The position includes the following responsibilities:

  • Previous experience in academic writing and research will be advantageous (but not mandatory), in addition to personal interest in the topic
  • The guideline writing process will take up to 3 years, and includes two meetings, the kick-off meeting and follow-up meeting, with mandatory attendance

Any European EVST member who is a trainee at the time of application and election (not necessarily for the duration of their mandate).

The candidate has completed at least half of their training or is a young specialist in vascular surgery, ≥3 first authorships in original studies or systematic reviews, preferably PhD.

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter highlighting your previous activities in the ESVS/EVST, your previous scientific/academic expertise (specifically in the subject of the preferred guideline) and the guideline topic(s) you are interested in to angela@esvs.org before 22 April.

Candidates can apply to more than one Guidelines Writing Committee. Successful applicants will be invited to an interview once the EVST Executive Committee has reviewed and selected candidates.

To note:

For in-person meetings, travelling and accommodation expenses will be covered by the ESVS.