The ESVS gathers more than 2,700 members including 70% surgeons and 27% trainees. 81% of the membership comes from Europe. Members are medical specialists involved in the care and treatment of patients suffering from vascular disease. They meet in an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Members receive benefits against an annual membership fee.

The Society’s governing body is the Council. Councillors are elected representatives from each European country that has more than 10 members. Council meets twice a year: at the ESVS Annual Meeting (usually just before the scientific meeting starts) and in connection with the Charing Cross meeting in London, in April.

The ESVS Executive Committee is elected by the Council in order to manage day-to-day operations of the Society. The Executive Committee is composed of 9 members: the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, the President Elect, the Deputy President Elect, the EJVES Editor in Chief, the EJVES Vascular Forum Editor in Chief, the Academy Committee Chair and the EVST Secretary. The ExCo meets three to four times a year to discuss all issues related to the running of the Society including strategic priorities, activities, finances, communications, marketing, administration, etc.