ESVS Fellows

The ESVS Fellow membership is an exclusive membership category reserved for individuals of good standing.  The ESVS fellows are dedicated members who have earned a distinguished status within the vascular community, as regular EJVES publishing authors and known regular attendees at ESVS’ Annual Meetings for several years.  These individuals are long-standing members of ESVS, who have supported the society and contributed to its activities over a number of years.

The criteria for becoming an ESVS fellow can be found here.

Current ESVS Fellows
Mr. Martin AltreutherNorway
Prof. Martin BjörckSweden
Prof. Nabil ChakféFrance
Mr. Arindam ChaudhuriUnited Kingdom
Prof. Sebastian DebusGermany
Dr. Flavia GentileLuxembourg
Dr. Kevin ManiSweden
Prof. Janet PowellUnited Kingdom
Prof. Dr. Jürg SchmidliSwitzerland
Dr. Konstantinos SpanosGreece
Assos. Prof. Zoltán SzeberinHungary
Dr. Erik VermeulenNetherlands
Dr. Jarlis WescheNorway