About the EVNS

The European Vascular Nurses and Sonographers (EVNS) represents the interests of nurses and sonographers in vascular surgery within the European Society for Vascular Surgery  (ESVS).

EVNS aims and objectives

The EVNS aims to:

  • provide a forum for networking of nurses and sonographers across Europe
  • build uniformity in provision of services across Europe
  • build uniformity in competence of practice across Europe
  • assist the ESVS in providing a society that is all inclusive of healthcare professionals working with patients with vascular disease i.e. a society that is inclusive of the multi-disciplinary team
  • create a EVNS sub-committee as part of the ESVS
  • increase the scientific opportunities to its members
  • broadens the general view to manage the vascular patient

History of EVNS

Since 2009 there have been nurses’ sessions at the ESVS Annual Meeting almost every year, arranged by local committees. Following round-table discussions that took place during the Nurses’ Session at the ESVS Annual Meeting in Copenhagen in 2016, a decision was made to approach the ESVS Committee with a formal proposal to develop a european network for vascular nurses and sonographers.  In November 2016, a formal proposal letter was sent to the ESVS Committee who fully supported this venture.  A steering committee for the EVNS was formed.

Steering Committee of EVNS

Christine Kumlien, Professor of Vascular Nursing, Sweden

Louise Allen, Vascular Nurse Specialist, UK

Margit Roed, Head Nurse of Vascular Surgery, Denmark

Filipe Fernandes, Vascular Sonographer and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, UK

Rachael Lear, Senior Lecturer with a background in vascular nursing, UK

Mari Murumets, Vascular Sonographer, UK

Fabrizio D’abate, Vascular Sonographer, UK

Purwa Berry, Vascular Nurse, Germany