Educational travel grants

The aim of the grant is to allow the applicant, over a short period of time, to look at a particular technique or research project in a complying host institution. A special committee within the Society will assess each application in a rapid and simple manner. 10 grants of up to 3,000€ each may be awarded in 2021, spread over two rounds of applications (February and August).

Who can apply?

  • Any active European ESVS trainee or full member
  • The applicant must not yet have started their placement

The application should cover the applicant only. The Society does not support the additional travel cost of family.  The funds are transferred at the end of placement, once a Grant report has been provided.

The first round of 2021 applications is now closed – the results will be announced individually at the beginning of May.

The second round of 2021 applications will start next August, stay tuned!

EVST Congress grants

EVST Congress Grants now fall under the category of ESVS Third Party Membership Benefits.

Industry Sponsored Annual Meeting Travel Grants

The MedTech Europe Ethical charter came into force on 1st January, 2018 making direct sponsorship of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) by MedTech member companies prohibited.  As a result, these companies channel their support through trusted partners such as the ESVS Society,  Health Care Organisations (HCOs: i.e. hospitals, clinics, medical institutions) or the PCO (Professional Congress Organiser).

Since 2018, ESVS has offered industry sponsored grants to our members to attend the Annual Meeting and will seek for additional support from companies in 2021.

Grant Reports

Recipients of Educational Travel Grants are asked to submit a report of their experience.  Click here to see the past recipients and their reports.