Senior Editor of the EJVES

The European Society for Vascular Surgery is looking for a motivated member to become the next Senior Editor (SE) of the EJVES from October 2022, for a 3 years term. The expected continuation is that the Senior Editor then becomes the EJVES Editor in Chief (EiC) for another 3 years term, which will finish end of 2028. The Senior Editor will also serve in the ESVS Executive committee for four years, beginning in the third year of the SE assignment per 2025, continuing through the three years as Editor-in-Chief.

ESVS Programme Committee Advisor

The ESVS is looking for an Advisor to join the  ESVS Programme Committee for a term of 3 years.

The main objective of the ESVS Programme Committee is the development of the Scientific Programme of the ESVS Annual Meeting.

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Academy Junior Moderators

The ESVS Academy is actively seeking candidates for the role of Academy Junior Moderators for the NEW 2021 Academy Pathways Project. There is no fixed deadline to apply for this role.

*This role is an evolution of the Academy Technical Assistant role, which has been revisited to better suit the growing number of online sessions being organised.