Translational Meeting

2nd and 3rd April – Stockholm

We are proud to present our 1st ESVS Translational Meeting in collaboration with ESVB to promote Translational Science in European Vascular Surgery.

This meeting aims to merge on the same site basic researchers, industry and physicians to provide scientific updates on burning issues in the field of vascular biomaterials, education, vascular biology, imaging…

Young researchers will be given a chance to present their work to a panel of key opinion leaders in their fields of interest (Young Researcher Prize)

  • Young Scientist Workshop

  • 5 Sessions

    1. PDV pathogenesis and risk reduction targets
    2. Future risk assessment and treatment of AAA
    3. Challenges in carotid disease
    4. Arterial thrombosis
    5. Restenosis and graft failure
  • 20 abstracts presentation

  • 17 renowned speakers

    • Stephan Haulon, France, ESVS president
    • Sebastian Debus, Germany, ESVS secretary general
    • Ulf Hedin, Sweden
    • Melina Vega de Ceniga, Spain
    • Nabil Chakfe, France
    • Henrik Sillesen, Denmark
    • Nick Leeper, USA
    • Jes Lindholt, Denmark
    • Ron Dalman, USA
    • Rachel Forsythe, UK
    • Alison Halliday, UK
    • Luca Saba, Italy
    • Ljubica Matic, Sweden
    • Martin Björck, Sweden
    • Gert de Borst, Netherlands
    • Alan Dardik, USA
    • Helle Jörgensen, UK
    • Paul Quax, Netherlands