Type of Sessions

Scientific Programme

Again this year, the Annual Meeting Scientific Programme will comprise of a variety of sessions, carefully designed to meet the needs and learning objectives of a wide range of congress participants. Please find below an overview of the sessions that will be held at the 32nd ESVS Annual Meeting in Valencia.

Fast-Track Presentations Sessions

A Fast-Track Presentation is a short oral communication of 4 minutes, presented in front of a Jury and followed by 2 minutes for discussion or questions. A total of 160 abstracts will be selected as Fast-Track Presentations. The authors of top-scored presentations will have the opportunity to present an extended version of their abstract in one of the Plenary Scientific Sessions on one of the subsequent days of the congress. Therefore, presenters of selected abstracts are invited to prepare a short version (4 minutes) and extended version (8 minutes) of their presentation, in case they are selected. The Fast-Track Presentations Sessions will take place on Tuesday, 25 September as from 13:00.

Honorary Lectures

  • The Nicolai Volodos Honorary Lecture

The Nicolai Volodos Honorary Lecture features a renowned speaker invited to deliver a presention focusing on innovation in the field of Vascular Surgery. The lecture takes place on Wednesday, 26 September 2018 in conjunction with the Presidential Address. The Honorary Lecture is named to honour the memory of Professor Nicolai Leontyevich Volodos, Honorary Member of ESVS and known for performing endovascular stent-graft surgery for the very first time.

  • The Janet Powell Honorary Lecture

The first Janet Powell Honorary Lecture was inaugured and delivered by Prof. Janet Powell herself at the ESVS 32nd Annual Meeting, held in Lyon in 2017, and focuses on evidence in the field of Vascular Surgery.

Keynote Lectures

Six plenary keynote lectures will be delivered by eminent scientist as introductory lectures to six scientific sessions

Plenary Scientific Sessions

Eeach Plenary Scientific Sessions focused on one specific domain of vascular surgery and comprises of very best of science in vascular care. Indeed, authors of the highest rated abstracts presented during the Fast-Track Presentations sessions will be scheduled to present in the Plenary Scientific Session corresponding to their field of research. The complete programme of the plenary scientific sessions is therefore only known and announced on the 2nd day of the Annual Meeting.


A Poster Presentation is the display of up-to-date scientific research and knowledge in the field of vascular surgery on a large-scale poster. Approximately 100 posters are selected every year from abstract submissions. Posters will be displayed for the entire duration of the meeting to allow attendees to consult them and discuss with pairs. A Prize Poster Session featuring a short oral presentation by the authors of the 10 top-rated posters will take place on the last day of the meeting.

Prize Sessions

Oral Prize Session

The 10 highest rated abstracts will be selected directly for oral presentation and will be included in the Prize Scientific Session. Authors of abstracts selected for the Prize Session will be communicated their date and time of presentation on May 18, 2018. These will not present during the Fast-Track Abstract Sessions.

Poster Prize Session

The authors of the 10 top-scored posters will be invited to deliver a short oral communication during the Poster Prize Session A. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize will be selected during this session.


Symposia feature renowned international speakers, which are invited by the Society to share their knowledge and experience on a particular innovation or technique in vascular surgery.


Seminars consist of short lectures on non-scientific focused topics, such as paper writing, leadership, upcoming EU – regulations and research funding options, learning and development, and much more.

Vascular Nurses & Technicians Sessions

The ESVS Annual Meeting features a dedicated track for Vascular Nurses and Technicians, spread over two days. The track comprises of plenary sessions, panel discussions, interactive roundtables and seminars, specifically designed for vascular and endovascular nurses and technicians.